2nd February 2024

It Starts from the Top – Transformative Leadership



Anchor Excellence

The value of good leadership is priceless for an organisation, and exemplary leadership is embodied by Kelvin Neave, CEO of Dougherty Apartments – one of Australia’s only vertical integrated services developments, including RAC, RL, and Social Housing.

Earlier this month, Anchor Excellence team Judy Martin, Sarina Rodgers and Kat Fairlie had the privilege of visiting Kelvin on-site to comprehend first-hand how the insights gained from attending the New Zealand SAGE tour directly influenced Kelvin’s leadership approach to further integration of his services. 

Let’s delve into how these learnings are supporting the shaping of Dougherty Apartments into a prime example of a great and unique service…

Leadership Insights

Kelvin shared profound leadership insights gained from SAGE study tours that he has participated in over several years. He emphasised the critical role of leadership in shaping the culture of an organisation and taking the team on the journey. The SAGE program reinforced the importance of fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment for both staff and residents. Kelvin shares his thought on leadership, with that of being the cog in a wheel. If all the spokes to connect the wheel to that cog (ie; every team member) are broken, you simply cannot get there. He is enormously proud of all his staff, in all departments, for their trust in him and their positivity in all that they do.

Building Relationships

During the recent SAGE program to the New Zealand tour, delegates built strong relationships with peers and experts in the sector. These lasting connections are now proving invaluable for Kelvin, fostering a local national network that he can lean on for support and ideas. Collaboration is key, and Kelvin is leading the charge in creating a community that extends beyond the boundaries of the building and brings in the outside community. Regardless of status in life, what you may or may not have, residents in the Dougherty Apartments community interact and enjoy doing so with each other across gatherings and social occasions. It is truly heartwarming to witness, Kelvin says.

Sharing of Information

Kelvin emphasised the power of information sharing. The exchange of ideas and best practices among industry leaders has been instrumental in enhancing the quality of service at Dougherty Apartments. The commitment to continuous improvement is evident in their approach to sharing valuable insights for the betterment of the entire community living sector.

Memory Support Unit Planning and Environment Planning

Kelvin’s learnings from the SAGE Programs he has attended have directly influenced the planning of the Memory Support Unit and environmental design at Dougherty Apartments. The focus is on creating spaces that enhance the well-being and comfort of older people, aligning with the latest industry standards and best practices.

Kelvin’s participation in SAGE study tour programs has not only elevated his leadership skills but has also set in motion a wave of positive changes at Dougherty Apartments. The commitment to excellence and continuous improvement is evident in every aspect of service delivery. As we witnessed the transformation unfolding, it’s clear that Dougherty Apartments is on the path to becoming a benchmark for vertical service development in Australia.

Image of Kelvin Neave - CEO of Dougherty Apartments and expert leader