1st November 2023

Maximising Safety Through Appropriate Footwear: A Comprehensive Approach to Falls Prevention



Anchor Excellence

In care, there is a strong correlation between appropriate, well-fitting footwear, and the incidents of falls and other foot injuries. 

Falls are a substantial High Impact / High Prevalence Risk, affecting all older persons across various care settings. The importance of ensuring the right choice of footwear will significantly reduce the risk of falls, as well as the unwanted consequences of falling. 

In addition to reducing falls, Incident and SIRS reporting, and analegisa use will reduce. This contributes to a beneficial situation for both consumers and staff, reducing transfers to the acute sector as fall incidents decline.

To help support our clients with reducing their falls, Anchor Excellence has developed an easy to use checklist to support your consumers in their footwear choices.

The results achieved through the application of this checklist effortlessly blend into various aspects of consumer care, including:

  • Care and Services Conference
  • Mobility care plan
  • Falls prevention care plan
  • Post-fall review procedures
  • Care and services strategy

Our checklist focuses on key areas related to footwear, such as; the type of transfers, the quality of the foot sole, the heel of the shoe box, and the toe box. These areas are key to ensuring appropriate and safe footwear is chosen for your consumers. 

Anchor Excellence also offers a suite of falls prevention policy and process documents that align with the Revised Aged Care Quality Standards. For a complimentary copy of the Footwear checklist and a discussion on the Falls Prevention Package, please contact us via email at info@anchorexcellence.com