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Earlier this month, the April to June Aged Care Sector Performance Report was released. Here is a quick snapshot of some of the results;

    • 4,895 Aged Care services in Australia, of which 2.674 are residential aged care and 2,221 are home care services (a decrease of 33 and 40 services, respectively, from June 2021).
    • Fifty-four applications were received to become an approved provider, of which only four applications were approved (one residential aged care and three home care).
    • Six hundred nineteen services received a Commission visit, with 217 (35%) found non-compliant to at least one of the Aged Care Quality Standards. The most common in residential aged care was 3(3)(a), 7(3)(a) and 3(3)(b), and in home care, the most common was 8(3)(c), 2(3)(b) and 2(3)(a). 
    • Furthermore, 82 providers (38% of non-compliant services) were issued with enforceable regulatory action/s such as Non-Compliance Notice, Notice to Agree, and Sanctions.
    • There were a total of 2,624 complaints made. In residential aged care, the top reason for complaints was; 1. Medication Management 2. Personal Oral Hygiene 3. Personnel number/sufficiency and in home care, the top three reasons for complaints were 1. Lack of consultation or communication 2. Fees and Charges 3. Management of finance.
    • There were 10,119 Reportable incidents, of which 6,265 were due to unreasonable use of force, and 1,604 were a result of neglect.
    • Seven new services received accreditation, and 302 services received re-accreditation, of which 254 (84%) were re-accredited for three years or more.
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How Anchor Excellence can support your organisation;

Anchor Assure Review Audits – Ensuring your organisation is Accreditation/Quality Review  ready, aligned to the Aged Care Quality Standards and delivering safe and quality care is crucial in order to meet your Approved Provider responsibilities and obligations. The robust and fast paced reform agenda requires rapid change and increased knowledge and capability across all levels, from Board and Executive to front line staff.

An Anchor Assure Review Audit;

  • provides a comprehensive audit of your organisation’s internal systems and processes.
  • identifies potential issues that may result in compliance issues, such as; Not Mets a Notice to Agree or a Sanction.
  • provides your organisation with recommendations and opportunities for improvements 

To find out more and to book your Anchor Assure review audit, click here 

Anchor Academy – In a constantly changing sector, aged care providers, both residential and home care, need to ensure that their workforce capabilities and skills base is always up to date. Anchor Academy courses provide the most current information and the most relevant to the reform agenda and the trending issues uncovered and documented in the sector performance reports. AnchorAcademy education and professional development provide a range of courses to choose from across emerging hot topics. Click here to find out more.

Workforce Demand Analysis – Ensuring you have an effective and efficient workforce that connects to your consumers’ needs and preferences is critical to successfully delivering quality care and maintaining sustainable financial performance. With the AN-ACC case-mix funding model, the introduction of mandatory care minutes and a continued ‘tightening’ of the compliance environment, understanding your workforce productivity underpins your entire operational framework. To find out more about the Anchor Workforce Demand Analysis tool, click here 

High Performing Teams – Stability, sustainability and success in an aged care setting are underpinned by the ability to work productively and effectively with colleagues. Navigating changes in the Aged Care sector and managing the business as usual is challenging enough without the added pressure of team members not being aligned, not working together and not supporting each other. To find out more about the Anchor High Performing Teams individual and group program, click here 

Anchor Excellence supports aged care and home care providers nationally in the areas of 1. Business Advisory and Strategy, 2. Leadership and governance, 3. Quality and clinical governance, 4. Compliance and operations management, 5. Education and workforce development, and 6. Customer engagement and experience. Our success is derived from your success. Please reach out for support by emailing or calling (02) 8610 1950

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