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 Tips for Providers on the NDIS


From 1 December 2020, Residential Aged Care Providers who deliver services and supports to NDIS Participants will be required to be registered with the NDIS Commission.

Assessing your readiness for transition:

What you need to do right now:

  • Register for the ACSA webinars to learn about provider obligations as they will explain the additional steps
  • You do not need to do anything more – the NDIS Commission will be handling a transitioned registration process
  • From 1 December, you will receive a notification from the NDIS Commission about your registration outlining the next steps
  • Under the NDIS Commission, it is a single registration at the provider level

Provider Digital Access (PRODA)

In the first ACSA webinar, the NDIS Commission talked about PRODA access. PRODA is an online identity verification and authentication system. It lets you securely access government online services.

On transition, key personnel will be automatically uploaded from Aged Care data. If you do not have PRODA access, please refer to the following link: to get your started. Note: this is the NDIS and not the NDIS Commission.

Ensure you have the right key personnel with PRODA access. All key personnel must be listed, these are the central corporate personnel who have decision-making responsibilities as well as the key leader/s at your relevant Residential Aged Care sites.

It is suggested at least one administrative personnel is included with a central (group) email address and noted as the key contact address. This will enable that person to have access to the system to commence registration when notified but also have a central email for all communications. 

Note: If you only have two people listed and both leave, it can delay gaining access to the system as access is against a person’s name.


Article written by:


Ingrid Fairlie

Aged services, Disability & Compliance remediation specialist

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